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sets us apart

Approximately half our participants grew up outside of Germany, and the other half in Germany– and that’s exactly what makes the Orientierungsjahr so international and exciting!


Many of our international participants are young people whose parents work abroad as development workers or missionaries. They use this program as a re-entry into Germany while their parents continue to work overseas. The mix of international and national participants is what makes the Orientierungsjahr unique!

More information can be found in our flyer for TCKs, missionary families, and mission organizations.

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The Orientierungsjahr is aimed at young adults and stands for career guidance, spiritual growth, personal development, and social engagement.


This is accomplished through living in an intercultural environment, individual guidance, Bible lessons, internships, and missionary outreach.


The Orientierungsjahr is a ministry branch of the evangelical “Brüdergemeinde” (Brethren Church) in Korntal and is based on a biblical, Christian worldview.






The Orientierungsjahr is a non-denominational institution that seeks to offer youth and young adults a holistic and Christ-centered orientation.


The Orientierungsjahr is a ministry branch of the evangelical “Brüdergemeinde” (Brethren Church) in Korntal, which was established in 1819. Since its founding, the church has pursued one goal: to live out their faith in Jesus Christ in everyday life.


The evangelical “Brüdergemeinde” is an independent church, contracted with the Württemberg Protestant State Church. The church considers itself to be a part of the global community of those churches in which Jesus Christ is proclaimed in a faith-awakening, strengthening way, and in which the biblical faith in Jesus Christ is the common foundation.


If you want to know more about the church, feel free to take a look at their homepage:

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