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Our Main Focus

The Orientierungsjahr is a holistic program. Our desire is for youth and young adults to grow and mature in all areas of their character and personality. The principle of SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY is a cornerstone of our program. For that reason it is our aspiration that you receive spiritual and personal orientation, as well as career guidance– after all, these areas are all part of life!


Our program lasts 10 months and is comprised of:

three internships (9 weeks )

bible school (23 weeks)

outreach trips within Germany (about 2 weeks)

an outreach trip outside of Germany (about 2 weeks)

Career guidance



Character building



If you believe in Jesus Christ and His life-changing message, you cannot keep it to yourself. That’s why we go on a number of different missionary outreach trips all over Germany during the Orientierungsjahr. Additionally we spend two to three weeks abroad in order to support local churches in their work.


Through our outreach trips we’re spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in many different ways. We do this in cities, churches, youth homes, and schools. Some outreach locations require a more creative approach such as through music, theater or sports, while others allow for more personal conversations, traditional work in the church, social work or hands-on, practical work.

Tobi am Hecke schneiden

The great thing is, these outreach trips are an opportunity for you to practice what you learned in the Orientierungsjahr. And one thing is certain: if you allow Jesus to work through you, you will have meaningful and exciting experiences on the trip!

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