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What's next ?


School’s done...

Career guidance

Would you like to take a peek into various professions?

Try yourself out?

Discover your career path?



Would you like to know Jesus more?

Have questions answered?

Have thought-provoking discussions?


Do you want to discover your character strengths?

Develop your emotional and social skills?



Would you like to experience Missions and serve people? Discover and use your talents as well as growing out of comfort zones?

School’s done – what’s next?

You’ve finished school, but what’s next?

Finishing school is something to celebrate! After all, the effort you put in wasn’t for nothing. But that’s when you start getting unsettling feelings: “Help! I’m done with school! What am I supposed to do now?”

Do you know those feelings? What are you supposed to do with the rest of your life?

Some choose to study, while others start an apprenticeship. But how are you supposed to find out what’s right for you? There are countless career opportunities you can pursue. For those who do not immediately begin to study or pursue an apprenticeship, taking a year off to attend a Bible school is an alternative. However, finding the right Bible school is a challenge. Others go abroad for short term missions, but those who do that cannot concentrate on choosing a career, and they cannot attend a Bible school.


The good news is, the Orientierungsjahr in Korntal combines multiple opportunities: Bible school, career guidance, discipleship, and outreach in Germany and abroad.


It is our passion to help you discover God’s plan for your life. Come and learn more about Jesus and yourself, and find your place in this world. We look forward to hearing from YOU!


Andy & Margit Messner

and the whole staff team


Main Focus

We offer orientation in your career path, spiritual life and personal development.

Living together, completing various job internships and mission trips in and outside of Germany all serve to grow

Sets us apart

Approximately half our participants grew up outside of Germany, and the other half in Germany – and that’s exactly what makes the Orientierungsjahr so international and exciting!

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