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Our Main Focus

The Orientierungsjahr is a holistic program. Our desire is for youth and young adults to grow and mature in all areas of their character and personality. The principle of SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY is a cornerstone of our program. For that reason it is our aspiration that you receive spiritual and personal orientation, as well as career guidance– after all, these areas are all part of life!


Our program lasts 10 months and is comprised of:

three internships (9 weeks )

bible school (23 weeks)

outreach trips within Germany (about 2 weeks)

an outreach trip outside of Germany (about 2 weeks)

Career guidance



character building


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Bible school

Nowadays an incredible amount of time, energy, and money is invested in one’s career, which is clearly important. Yet how much time do we spend reading God’s Word and growing in our relationship to Jesus Christ? Because it is important to focus on spiritual growth, the Orientierungsjahr includes Bible school in addition to career guidance.


Bible school will help you deepen your relationship to the risen Jesus Christ, better understand His Word, experience Him in everyday life, and become an effective witness of the Gospel in this world. It is our desire to help you understand and embrace the fullness of life in Christ, and grow in the practical principles of discipleship. We emphasize personally encountering God and discovering the liberating truth in His Word.


During your time in Bible school you will learn about a range of biblical books, topics relevant to life, and also take a course on the basics of faith. Our teachers come from a variety of different backgrounds, ranging from Orientierungsjahr staff to guest speakers from inside and outside Germany, teaching in German and occasionally English. The Bible school program also includes a drama and music workshop, regular Lounge Evenings, and much more.

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