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  • Can I still apply for the school year 2025/2026?
    Yes, but the sooner the better. Click here for the application documents.
  • How soon should you apply?
    Since we only have space for 22 participants and the demand is high, we recommend that you apply early and quickly (approximately 1 year in advance).
  • When does the Orientierungsjahr start and end?
    The Orientierungsjahr begins in September and ends in June of the following year. Dates for the following years: 2024-2025 (14. 09. 2024 - 29. 06. 2025)
  • What does the year cost?
    For this school year, the costs amount to 619 € per month. This includes all expenses for room and board, laundry, Bible school tuition, outreach, transportation to your internships, as well as internet/telephone (World-Flat). We will do our best to maintain a fair price in the future so that as many people as possible can afford the Orientierungsjahr. The only cost not included in the monthly fee is for the outreach trip outside of Germany, which includes additional costs for your flight, etc. The application fee is 49 € and not refundable.
  • Who can come?
    We love the mix and look forward to young people between the ages of 17 and 23 who are looking for the right job and are interested in getting to know themselves and God better.
  • What does a year in your program look like?
    With our program, we deliberately chose a holistic approach. This means that the 40 weeks are not only coordinated with each other, but also aim to develop you personally, professionally and spiritually.
  • What does a typical weekly schedule look like?
    The Ojahr is characterized above all by variety. The weeks spent in the Orientierungsjahr don’t all look the same. The ten months consist of three internship phases (each three weeks), Bible school, and outreach in Germany and abroad. This creates variety and excitement.
  • Will my parents continue to receive child benefit (Kindergeld)?
    Usually, yes. However, this is not determined by the Orientierungsjahr, but ultimately by your corresponding family fund. As soon as you have completed the application process and been accepted, you will receive a confirmation of attendance, which you should submit to your family fund to request the continued payment of your financial child support. Ask your parents to assist you in this. If you have any further questions or need advice, we will gladly assist you.
  • Are there funding opportunities?
    Some young adults cannot afford the Orientierungsjahr for a variety of reasons. In those special cases, it is possible to request financial aid by contacting fonds(at)
  • Can I visit the Orientierungsjahr/who can I turn to if I have questions?
    Of course. We look forward to hearing from you. Or make an appointment and take a look at our premises in person! Just call: +49 711-839878-30 or write an email to We look forward seeing you! :)
  • Where is the Orientierungsjahr?
    The Orientierungsjahr is in Korntal and borders on Stuttgart. The S-Bahn takes you to the state capital in just under 15 minutes and to Stuttgart Airport in 40 minutes.
  • Where will I be staying?
    All course participants live in our two houses. Click here to take a look at our facility.
  • How well do I have to speak german?
    We only speak german. Also our bible school lessons are all in german which is why we strongly recomend to only apply if you feel like you can understand and speak some german. For foreigners we suggest to have language level german B1 or higher. For further questions feel free to reach out.
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