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The Orientierungsjahr is a holistic program. Our desire is for youth and young adults to grow and mature in all areas of their character and personality. The principle of SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY is a cornerstone of our program. For that reason it is our aspiration that you receive spiritual and personal orientation, as well as career guidance– after all, these areas are all part of life!


Our program lasts 10 months and is comprised of:

• three internships (3 weeks each)

• Bible school (23 weeks)

• outreach trips within Germany (about 2 weeks)

• an outreach trip outside of Germany (about 2 weeks)

Career guidance

Bibel School




It is a great privilege to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. In the Orientierungsjahr we want to practice discipleship together in a variety of ways, which includes living as part of a Christian fellowship. In many Christian institutions, students either live in shared flats and take care of themselves, or live as a whole group in dorms. In the Orientierungsjahr, we have deliberately chosen to switch between the two styles of living, and so create a blend.


This means that during the internships, participants take care of themselves in shared flats. Through this experience, flatmates learn to manage a household on a budget, create meal plans, cook, and clean, which encourages teamwork. During the time in Bible school, on the other hand, all meals are shared in our lounge. Lunch is provided by the central kitchen of the nearby senior citizen home. Fellowship as a whole group is our focus during this time.

Our experience shows that one of the great strengths of the Orientierungsjahr is precisely this alternation between living in shared flats and having fellowship as a whole group. It is especially when we care for and support one another that the theoretical concept of discipleship becomes practical.

We will support you during your time in the Orientierungsjahr, in order to help you progress in as many areas of your life as possible. An important part of discipleship is having people in your life who offer encouragement and are there for you. For this reason each participant is guided through the 10 months by a mentor who will advise, support, and also challenge you.

We have the privilege of not being just any institution. In fact, we are part of the large church community of the evangelical “Brüdergemeinde” (Brethren Church) in Korntal. This is a further opportunity to put theory into practice by helping out in the youth cafe, in various children’s programs, in the children’s home, in the School Farmhouse, amongst migrants, or senior citizens. These are all concrete examples of everyday discipleship!

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